Bible Study Tips

I am 3 years into my bible study routine and I still can't get enough. Daily bible study has taught me that you don't have to be an expert to read the bible. I love being a beginner that shares bible study tips for beginners because I know exactly how you feel.

I want to encourage you to keep up your bible study routine. It may not always be easy and at times it surely is not fun. But studying the bible can uplift, encourage, and heal you if you let it.

I am constantly looking for, creating, and sharing different bible study tips. Because bible study is a journey and not a destination. Even though our road maybe different.

It doesn't have to be difficult. So let's work together and fellowship out of our shared love for Christ. Together we can change the world with our knowledge of the word.

Bible Study Tips for Beginners
  1. How to Color Code your Bible
  2. How to Dig Deeper during Bible Study
  3. Bible study tips for beginners
  4. 5 ways to Memorize Verse
  5. Why Pray before Bible Study
  6. Verse Mapping for Beginners
  7. Where to start reading in the Bible to read?
  8. How to get consistent with reading the bible
  9. Christian Girls Must Have
  10. Ultimate List of Christian Resources to Grow your Faith
  11. Best {Android} Apps for Christian Beginners
  12. Best Daily Devotional {Android} Apps

Bible Study Journals
  1. Own it! Embrace your Faith Journal
  2. Encouraged 21 day Devotional and 45 day Journal
  3. Cherishing His Essence 90 day Journal
  4. Blemished but Beautiful 30 day Journal
  5. Woman, you are set Free 31 day Bible Study Journal
  6. Make your own Faith Journal Set

Bible Study with Me Video Series
  1. Book of Esther
  2. Book of Ruth
  3. Kingdom Woman Chapter on Excellence

Bible Journaling
Bible journaling has transformed my bible study routine. If you enjoy writing and reflecting you will love this method of bible study. The S.O.A.P. or S.O.A.K. method is a systematic way of reflecting on your bible reading.
  1. How to Bible Journal using the SOAP method for beginners
  2. A week look in my bible journal
  3. How to DIY Bible Tabs + 8 Bible DIY
  4. Journal prompts for you Season of Waiting
  5. Journal prompt for Christian Beginners

Bible Reading Plan
  1. 31 days Women of Faith
  2. 21 days Who God Says you are 
  3. 20 days of Scripture on Prayer
  4. Blemished but Beautiful
  5. 20 days of Scripture on Reflection
  6. 5 women in the Bible every Woman should know
  7. 12 Day Easter He Has Risen

  1. 5 Simple Ways to Create a Consistent Prayer Life
  2. 12 Bible Verses that Teach us How to Pray
  3. 10 Prayer Prompts perfect for Beginners

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Bible Study | Discover the story of Ruth. This book shares lessons on love, excellence, and obedience. A must read for Christian women. #biblestudy #Ruth #bible