Why you should pray before bible study

August 01, 2019
Learn this simple prayer to speak before you begin bible study. These tips will help you seek God's wisdom before beginning your bible study routine.

When I first started studying the bible on my own I didn't see the need for prayer before bible study. But after reading more difficult bible books like Revelations, I quickly realized I needed God to give me understanding. I can only imagine the difference prayer would have made in my bible study routine.

Thanks to the soap method I have always prayed after bible study, which to me was great. Because I went from having no bible study routine and a lack luster prayer life to daily bible studying and prayer which was a huge change for me.

Today was just a hard day for me. I been having a rough few weeks. But I have been working hard to stay in good spirits and focus on the things I can change. Giving my worries and fears to God. Anywho...

My husband and I were planning on bible studying. But somehow we found ourselves in prayer instead. I prayed in a way I'm not sure I ever have. Moreover, I prayed for longer than I have in a long time. Then I followed it up by journaling.

I guess the Holy Spirit wasn't done with me yet. So then I listened to a sermon by Tony Evans about prayer. He reminded me of a story I had read in Kingdom Woman.

Tony Evans was at an event at a stadium when they - Tony Evans and several other spiritual leaders began to pray to God that it would not rain. There was a woman who interjected and asked to pray. She prayed with conviction and stood strongly on scripture - in a way that the spiritual leaders didn't.

She commanded God. Heck she straight up demanded that God intercede. She recognized that God is in control.

She believed that they were there to do God's will. So in her eyes it only made since to demand that God stopped the rain so His people could receive his word.

Do you know God did just that. In front of all those people God literally moved the rain clouds around the stadium. I know that was a long winded point - and hopefully I didn't lose you.

But I realized the importance of praying with conviction. Not just asking God to do his will. But confirming to God that you know His word and recognize how it applies to your life and the promises he made to you.

God did not create you to worry. He did not create you to fear. But he created you to worship daily - so Imma leave it all right here.

Before you begin your bible study routine

  • Spend some time in worship either listening to your favorite gospel music or sermon.
  • If you feel as though your mentally all over the place, take a few minutes to clear your mind by doing a brain dump by just writing down whatever comes to mind.
  • Before you open your bible pray and command that God open up his word to you. 
  • Finally begin your bible study routine.

Prayer for before you Bible Study

Dear Heavenly Father, please allow your word to fill my heart. I ask that your wisdom penetrate my mind. Renew me Father (Romans 12:2). Most of all, Father please allow your Holy Spirit to be present in all that I do. Give me the clarity I need to follow the path you created just for me. Father I ask that you give me scripture that will encourage and strength me to withstand whatever trials come my way. In Jesus name we pray Amen.

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