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February 14, 2019

How to Color Code Your Bible

There is power in the word. I know reading the Bible can be daunting and a bit scary. But it doesn't have to be. Especially if you can find a bible study and note taking technique that works for you.

Today I'm sharing my note taking and highlighting method for reading the bible. The further along I get in my Bible study the more I've recognized the need for a highlighting system. It makes all the difference when your rereading or review text you've previously read.

A highlighting system makes it quick and easy to find passages on particular topics. As you know the bible isn't categorize like a textbook. Implementing a system is helpful for when your in need of inspiration, encouragement, or just a word from the Bible.

Like Proverbs for example has a lot of wisdom but this system makes it easy for me to find scriptures on parenting in Proverbs. Though bible verses on parenting may not be important to you. Deciding which categories are important to you will help make bible note taking easier.

Bible Color Coding Highlighting

For almost two years I've used my faith journal for my bible note taking. Along with bible mapping and bible journaling. But now I feel as though it is time for me to expand my bible note taking to include color coding highlighting.

Easily finding bible verses on prayer, Holy Spirit, marriage is important to my spiritual journey. Creating a table of content on an index card is a great way to keep up with your highlighting system. You may find it helpful to also use tabs, washi tape, or sticky note to make pages where you've highlighted important text.

Here’s a list of possible highlighting categories:

  • God, Jesus, Holy Spirit
  • Discipleship, Faith, Teachings, Wisdom, Obedience, Growth, Salvation, Fellowship, Repentance, Commands
  • Prayer, Miracles, Blessings, Worship, Timing, Praise, Angels, Doctrine
  • Marriage, Family, Women, Relationships, Friendship, Parenting
  • Love, Kindness, Grace, Compassion, Mercy, Peace
  • History, Prophecy, Times, Places, Visions, Oath, Covenant, Creation
  • Satan, False Teachings, Sin, Death, Hypocrisy, Temptation, Hell, Evil

My Bible Highlighting System

Highlight and Vertical Line 

  • Blue: Wisdom, Faith, Discipleship 
  • Orange: God, Jesus, Holy Spirit 
  • Green: Marriage, Family, and Relationships Yellow: Prayer, Miracles, and Blessings  

Colored Pen Underline Text and Vertical Line 

  • Pink: Love, Grace, Mercy, Peace 
  • Purple: Prophecy, Oath, Covenant 
  • Orange: Satan, False Teachings, Sin

There are a lot of different methods but try to keep it simple - if possible use supplies you have on hand. You don't have to match my system or anyone else. It's not a competition so don't compare your bible to others. Choose topics that are important to you and make that the focus of your highlighting system. I hope this inspires you to get started.

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