September 12, 2019

A Season of Waiting

September 12, 2019

Throughout your life you will often find yourself experiencing different spiritual seasons. No one season is alike but they all have one thing in common. If you cling closely to God's word you will come out of that season better than how you entered it.

Not all the seasons are difficult. But nonetheless in every season we must acknowledge, praise, and honor God. So whether you are experiencing a season of abundance, grinding, test and trials, happiness, spiritual warfare, or waiting.

With prayer and God's guidance, you can overcome any season. I challenge you to examine yourself in every season looking for the areas in which God is trying to help you to grow. 

Below you will find a prayer to help you Trust God during your difficult seasons and 3 journaling prompts for a season of waiting. Hopefully if you find yourself in a season of waiting you will take a moment to reflect on the lessons that God is trying to show you.

Prayer to Trust God
Dear Heavenly Father, help me to truly trust you. Help me to stay focused on just how mighty of a God you are. Instead of focusing on my trials and tribulations.

Father I pray that with every obstacle I face that I draw closer to you. Remembering that you created the entire universe with just an utter of a word. 

Believing that any problem that may arise you will use it for my good in the end. Help me to recognize during those difficult times that If you could create this would in just an utter. That I can't begin to imagine the things you can do to change my circumstances. 

I know that Jesus too conquered this world. And so shall I because I trust you and I believe your word is the truth. 

Father enable me to move mountains with mustard seed sized faith. I believe that my faith can change my circumstances. 

I ask that you remove anything in my life or mind that causes me to think otherwise. Strengthen me so that these words that I pray may become who I am in my actions. Give me the faith to act as though my circumstances have already changed. Because I know they will. In Jesus name we pray Amen.

Watch the Trust God Prayer and Journal Prompts Season of Waiting full video now! 

3 Journal Prompts for a Season of Waiting
  1. Write 3 verses that affirm the importance of waiting on God's timing.
  2. Write down a prayer asking God for your heart's desires.
  3. What bitterness are you currently holding onto within your heart? Write down a prayer asking God for forgiveness and help releasing your bitterness.

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Journal Prompts | Do you ever wonder when are things going to change? Do you ask God where are you? Here are 3 journaling prompts to help you survive your season of waiting. #journaling #journalideas

September 09, 2019

7 Easy Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Pantry With Dollar Tree

September 09, 2019

Oh how I love a kitchen pantry. So semi confession our kitchen pantry is a disaster. Not that it is an unorganized mess but primarily because its a faux kitchen pantry. Yeah I totally just made that up.

So here's the thing our apartment has this weird thing where our washer is in our bathroom, yeah that's a thing. But that's a problem for another day. Our dryer is in what should be a kitchen pantry but clearly was more of a kitchen closet because it doesn't have shelves.

Which is why I called it a faux kitchen pantry plus with the dryer in there is just hard to think of it as a pantry. But what the heck, we don't own the place and we live here for practically free so I'm totally not complaining.

In an effort to make the best of our faux pantry we set up our shelving unit that was previously in the garage of our old house. I used some baskets that I got from the Target dollar spot to store all our dry beans. Everything else is pretty much bottled and bagged items that I use to refill items in the kitchen.

Any who, now that I have rambled about our current situation. On to the reason we're here. While going through some old photos I stumbled upon my beautifully organized pantry from our old house.

After I got done drooling my second thought was darn this was a total waste of money. I drove almost an hour to Idea to get these Pinterest inspired containers never realizing that I could have found the same containers at the Dollar Tree.

Now maybe it's just me but I hate wasting money. The only thing I hate more than wasting money is feeling like I got gypped (or taken advantage of).

Though it's totally not Ikea fault. I blame the internet. Because not enough people were sharing Pinterest worthy photos of there Dollar Tree inspired kitchen pantry.

So hopefully before you run out to decorate and organize that kitchen pantry based on one of those beautiful Pinterest photos. Be sure to take a look at these 7 items that are perfect for organizing your kitchen pantry.

This is totally not a sponsored post, I'm just a girl who wants to save you some gas, time, and money.

Did I mention you can order from Dollar Tree online. The best thing about it is that they offer Free Shipping to your Local Store.

Just keep in mind that there is a minimum quantity order and it varies from item to item. But when everything is a $1 you can't beat it.

First thing first, be honest with yourself before you start your organization projects. Set aside dedicated time to tackle one area at a time. Most of all be honest and realistic with yourself.

I totally want you to get organized. I'm rooting for you, we're all rooting for you! Now that we've had our America's Next Top Model moment.

7 Easy Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Pantry With Dollar Tree

Here's the thing you can quickly spiral in Dollar Tree. So don't do it. Don't buy a bunch of stuff just because it's only $1. You will end up creating a home that is now a cluttered mess because you have so much stuff.

You will feel totally overwhelmed and end up not getting started. You have been warned. So don't do it. Please!

P.S. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won't cost you a penny more) - read full disclosure policy.

1. Dry Food Container Dollar Tree Kitchen Pantry Organizer
I can't believe I bought the same dry food container from Ikea and paid almost 3 times what it cost at Dollar Tree. Hopefully I can keep you from making the same mistake. These dry food containers are a great addition to any kitchen pantry.

You can use these dry food containers to store cereal, flour, cornmeal, oatmeal, sugar, and even snack foods (like pretzels, chips, and so on). Even if you have to order these online this purchase is a huge money saver especially if you are currently working to make your kitchen pantry Pinterest worthy.

2. Wire or Plastic Baskets Dollar Tree Kitchen Pantry Organizer
These plastic baskets are perfect for kitchen pantry because you can store different items that don't typically fit well on kitchen pantry shelves. By the way, what is the deal with these wire pantry shelves.

Like when and why was this ever a good support system for food. Just no. Anyway if you have little ones using baskets is going to be key for storing snack foods. I love using the plastic bin to store bags of rice, dry beans, chocolate, and so on.

3. Magazine Holder Dollar Tree Kitchen Pantry Organizer
This is by far one of the coolest hacks that I have seen. It's the use of the wire magazine or book holder to store can goods. Now I noticed that these were not listed on the Dollar Tree website so you will definitely have to check your local store for this one.

They do have plastic book holders online so you could give that a try. With it being plastic I would just be a bit concerned that it wouldn't be able to withstand the weight of all those can goods.

Another great option for your can good would be the fridge soda can storage. I thought this could probably work as a great alternative if you can't find the wire magazine holders.

4. Glass Storage Jars with Lid Dollar Tree Kitchen Pantry Organizer
This one is definitely a personal choice. In the past I would have been all about glass jars in my pantry but with a little one it's just not worth it. I don't need another thing to worry about.

The glass storage jars are really cute when styled as canisters for cooking essentials like sugar, flour, and cornmeal. Or even to display different types of pasta, if you're into that type of thing.

If you have kids it can be a great way to store cookies and crackers. But then again maybe this would be a better option for older kids because we all know those cookie jars get popped open quite often.

5. Plastic Buckets Dollar Tree Kitchen Pantry Organizer
This is most definitely the most used item from Dollar Tree. Everyone loves to add the plastic buckets to there kitchen pantry. Especially that beautiful turquoise colored basket.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of a pantry that is entirely filled with baskets. I just like to see some variations. Which is why I wanted to share different items.

I hope that this post will inspire you to mix and match to really customize your Dollar Tree Kitchen Pantry and make it your own!

6. Labels Dollar Tree Kitchen Pantry Organizer
Now here's the thing I love labels. But I don't love my handwriting on labels and realistically I know I will never get around to making printer labels. So only get these if you know your going to actually use them.

I guess worst case scenario you can give them to your kids. But if you do, we all know they will end up all over your house on the wall and every where else that they shouldn't be. So just save yourself the headache and don't get labels if you know you aren't going to use them.

7. Stacking Bins Dollar Tree Kitchen Pantry Organizer
I love these stacking bins because they are a great way to make use of your vertical space.

I know a lot of times there is more room in between your shelves than you can make use of. So if you keep a lot of stuff in your pantry these are a great way to make the most of your space.

How to Organize Kitchen Pantry and Cabinets With Amazon (under $15)

I was totally torn about whether or not I should provide an alternative to Dollar Tree kitchen pantry must have items. But then I realized that everyone doesn't have access to Dollar Tree - what a shame that is. So just in case that is you here's a few ideas that you can find online.

I hope this post inspired you to run out to your local dollar tree and get started with organizing your kitchen pantry. Of course, if you can't find everything you need in stores be sure to shop Dollar Tree online!

Your kitchen pantry doesn't have to be that neglected space that is constantly overflowing with food and dirtying up your floor. Yeah I said it, you know it's true.

Hopefully once you find these inexpensive kitchen pantry organization items you will be able to declutter that pantry and finally find that bag of goodies you were hiding from your husband and the kids. We all do it girl.

If this post helped inspire you to create a Pinterest worthy kitchen pantry on a budget be sure to share it with your friends on your favorite social media platforms.
August 22, 2019

6 Simple Ways to be Intentional in Marriage

August 22, 2019

Marriage is a life long commitment. Filled with highs and lows. Staying happily married is hard work.

No marriage can go on without problems or conflict. Unless both spouses choose to silence there own voice in order to avoid conflict.

When you put two people under one roof, there will always be some kind of conflict. It may not be a fight but there is going to be disagreements - that's natural.

Let alone when those two people decide to procreate. Having children can make it difficult to maintain a relationship with your spouse. Not to mention the addition of maintaining a household and working.

I personally believe our life priorities should be God, marriage, children, and then everything else. But, how do you execute that on a daily basis?

Well ultimately it is up to you. When it comes to your marriage being intentional is important to maintaining your connection.

6 Simple Ways to be Intentional in Marriage

  1. Finding ways to spend quality time together.
  2. Talking with one another.
  3. Collaborating with one another on the finances, parenting, and household decisions.
  4. Compromising to solve issues that arise. 
  5. Loving on one another - even when your upset.
  6. Finding hobbies to do together.
  7. Fight fair. Don't raise your voice or belittle one another.

It all boils down to this simple question. How can we keep the spark going? Keep that question at the forefront of your mind and acting accordingly.

Remember that spark you felt when you first met. Remind yourself of those early on relationship experiences that make you smile.

No matter what you go through as a couple. Chemistry doesn't dissolve. It may fizzle out. But its always there. It just needs a little spark to be reignited.

Don't allow a temporary situation cause you to forget the reason you said I do.

Download your 30 Day Marriage Challenge - filled with conservation starters and things to do - now! #stayingmarried

If you enjoy this post, you may find these Marriage blog post helpful when it comes to using the bible as a instruction manual for marriage.

I hope that this post has encouraged you. Here are a few of my favorite bible study resources. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (meaning if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won't cost you anything)! Thank you so much for your support as this helps me afford the expenses of my online ministry, read my disclosure policy.
  • War Room Movie, this movie is so inspirational definitely a must see movie
  • Kingdom Woman, a great foundation book for woman that is bible based. 
  • Fervent a great book for understanding the importance of prayer in every aspect of life. 
  • Faith Journal, my go to for bible study, prayer, and all things faith related

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Marriage Advice | Discover 6 simple ways to be more intentional in maintaining a healthy relationship. These tips are perfect for couples looking to reignite their chemistry. Marriage tips | Love and marriage | Biblical marriage | Godly Marriage | Marriage Challenge 30 days #marriage #intimacyinmarriage #christianmarriage