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April 05, 2018

How to get Consistent with reading the Bible

I find myself answering the same question repeatedly from different people online. Today I'm sharing my thoughtful answer in hopes it will help you kick start your faith journey. Many of you struggle with the same issue of becoming a consistent Bible reader.

Believe me I get it. I have stopped and started my Bible reading efforts several times throughout my journey. Reading the Bible can be down right daunting. After all it can feel like a foreign language especially if your reading the King James Version.

5 Simple Ways to Get Consistent with Reading the Bible

1- Make reading the Bible a priority.

2- Get excited about reading the Bible.

3- Choose a time and stick with it.

4- Set a realistic reading goal.

5- Be honest with yourself about why you want to read the Bible.

Be honest with yourself

A lot of us aren't honest with ourselves about why we want to read the Bible. Are you seeking to read to get to know the Lord and Jesus Christ for yourself. Or are you reading the Bible to right some wrong you've done in your life. The truth is that it doesn't really matter what brought you to the decision. But if your not honest about your intentions the likelihood of you being consistent is very low.

If by some chance you are struggling with your faith. I want you to know your not alone. But you also need to realize you can't make your Faith a priority when your standing on unstable ground. Before you can prioritize your faith you first need to begin to address the reason you turned to God in the first place. Because dedicating yourself to learning the word is difficult when your carrying a burden that needs to be released to God.

Before you begin reading the Bible Pray

  • Ask Him for forgiveness. You need to let go of the shame and guilt your carrying with you.
  • Forgive those who have hurt you. I know it not easy but you can't receive God's forgiveness until you forgive.
  • Confess to God. Be honest about the mistakes you have made, hurt you have caused, and the pain your carrying.
  • Ask for His direction. God will never steer you wrong, trust him, and the plan he has for you.
  • Ask Him to take your burdens. Let go of the baggage your carrying and recognize you are not alone because God is with you.

If you take nothing else from this blog post, I hope you realize beginning to read the Bible is like starting a new journey. So before you can start anew you must first let go of the past. It's time to move on and receive the fullness God has for you.

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