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November 30, 2017

How to Pray

Image Credit: Mia Baker

I am so excited to share my Christian Girls Tips on How to Pray video! There is power in prayer. After all life and death lies in the tongue. Therefore no matter what stage you're in on your faith journey understanding how to pray is important. 

12 Scripture Characteristics of Prayer

1 - Be Humble

2 - Hope for God's purpose

3 - Pray Continually

4 - Pray for Others

5 - Believe you will receive what you ask for in prayer 

6 - Don't be anxious

7 - Pray with an attitude of gratitude

8 - Devote yourself to prayer

9 - Have pure motives

10 - Turn from wickedness

11 - Confess your sins in prayer

12 - Know that prayer is powerful and effective for the righteous


Prayer is your alignment with God. Prayer is your acknowledgement to him that you need him in your life. 

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