About Me

Welcome to ChellBee’s digital oasis we are glad you found us. ChellBee is a lifestyle blog that inspires everyday women to embrace their imperfections and live a beautiful life today. The goal of Chellbee is to equip millennial women with the tools necessary to live everyday with purpose, creating their legacy day by day. When you live each day with purpose, you will find gratitude in the small things, faith that moves mountains, love that can conquer anything and most of all you saver the moments that are your life.

In 2016, after seven years in healthcare administration she felt she needed a place to be herself as a result she created Chellbee. As a student, she was always a top performer and recognized as a leader but in the workplace, she did not measure up. She began to lose her self-confidence and was not proud of her life. She began writing about the changes she wanted to make in her life and how she planned to do so. Feeling empowered to walk in her purpose she left her full time job and published her first book.

She believes in the power of Christ salvation and every morning before starting the day, she reads the Bible with the help of her journal. She cannot live without quality time spent with her husband and family, coffee, to do list, Netflix, outdoor adventures, and messages from Chellbee readers.

Embrace your beautiful imperfections.