Bible Study with me Esther

December 13, 2018

I am so excited to share another Bible Study with me video! Today we're looking at the Book of Esther another example of the amazing women from the Bibles. Esther is a beautiful story of patience, faith, and wisdom.

Bible Study with me Esther 

Lesson from Esther it is never beneficial to hateful. Regardless of titles, status, or ethnicity. We are all equal therefore we should treat one another with respect, kindness, and love. 

If for some reason you are disrespected or wronged by someone, remember that vengeance is the Lord. Trust God to right the wrongs. Purchase bible study journal to get to know more about the heroic women of the Bible.

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Bible study for women | Study the book of Esther with me! This book shows how God rewards obedience, wisdom, and bravery. #bible #biblestudy

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