A Season of Waiting

September 12, 2019

Throughout your life you will often find yourself experiencing different spiritual seasons. No one season is alike but they all have one thing in common. If you cling closely to God's word you will come out of that season better than how you entered it.

Not all the seasons are difficult. But nonetheless in every season we must acknowledge, praise, and honor God. So whether you are experiencing a season of abundance, grinding, test and trials, happiness, spiritual warfare, or waiting.

With prayer and God's guidance, you can overcome any season. I challenge you to examine yourself in every season looking for the areas in which God is trying to help you to grow. 

Below you will find a prayer to help you Trust God during your difficult seasons and 3 journaling prompts for a season of waiting. Hopefully if you find yourself in a season of waiting you will take a moment to reflect on the lessons that God is trying to show you.

Prayer to Trust God
Dear Heavenly Father, help me to truly trust you. Help me to stay focused on just how mighty of a God you are. Instead of focusing on my trials and tribulations.

Father I pray that with every obstacle I face that I draw closer to you. Remembering that you created the entire universe with just an utter of a word. 

Believing that any problem that may arise you will use it for my good in the end. Help me to recognize during those difficult times that If you could create this would in just an utter. That I can't begin to imagine the things you can do to change my circumstances. 

I know that Jesus too conquered this world. And so shall I because I trust you and I believe your word is the truth. 

Father enable me to move mountains with mustard seed sized faith. I believe that my faith can change my circumstances. 

I ask that you remove anything in my life or mind that causes me to think otherwise. Strengthen me so that these words that I pray may become who I am in my actions. Give me the faith to act as though my circumstances have already changed. Because I know they will. In Jesus name we pray Amen.

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Trust God | Don't be afraid to ask God for what you need. If you need His help with Trusting Him and allowing Him to carry your burdens. Then this prayer is for you. bible study | prayer | how to pray | prayer model | storms of life #prayer #trustgod #affirmation

Watch the Trust God Prayer and Journal Prompts Season of Waiting full video now! 

3 Journal Prompts for a Season of Waiting
  1. Write 3 verses that affirm the importance of waiting on God's timing.
  2. Write down a prayer asking God for your heart's desires.
  3. What bitterness are you currently holding onto within your heart? Write down a prayer asking God for forgiveness and help releasing your bitterness.

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Journal Prompts | Do you ever wonder when are things going to change? Do you ask God where are you? Here are 3 journaling prompts to help you survive your season of waiting. #journaling #journalideas