What I Wish I Knew About Spiritual Commitment

January 13, 2021

When I tell you I have been having a hard time. I have been having a time y'all.

At every turn it seemed like another thing in my life was changing, being taken away, or being compromised. Part of me was ready to give out.

I could feel myself getting ready to give up. I was ready to buckle. Prayer was not hitting the way it should. My Praise was dwindling.

But I kept reading my bible, keeping believing that God would come through, kept hoping for change.

But I was tired. My energy was gone spiritually and physically I was worn out. No matter how much rest I got. No matter how many sermons the pastor preached that hit home.

Something was still missing. Sometimes you can be committed to your faith. But still not believe.

In the past when moments like this would come. I would withdraw from the Lord and from my personal relationships.

But this time I keep going stayed committed. But my faith was weak and I knew it.

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It was when I read Daniel that I realized the kind of faith I wanted God to give me.

Sometimes when our life doesn't go the way we want we allow our prayer life, bible reading, worship, and spiritual commitment to dwindle.

As a result of our neglect we find ourselves drifting from God. If you're not careful you will drift away without ever throwing out your anchor.

And glory be to God that he won't leave us out in the middle of the lake stranded. No matter how far out we get he is always there to pull us back.

But don't you know it is easier or better when you yourself throw out that anchor. The lesson or re-connection with God just hits differently when you take ownership of your spiritual journey.

I can truly say the only thing that saved my soul was knowing that I could not afford to drift again. I could not afford to go back to that place of anxiety, depression, unhappiness, and chaos. That's what my life had become when I tried to do things on my own and drifted away from God.

I had not only drifted. But my boat had a leak in it. Was quickly sinking. And I didn't know how to swim. But God was my life vest.

So even if your faith, prayer life, church attendance, or bible reading isn't where it should be. Just knowing in your heart who God is can be your saving grace.

I know its hard. And sometimes were weary and discouraged just like the Israelite's.

Wondering why did God save you to let you starve in the wilderness. But no matter where you are spiritually. I know you have at least one memory or story of God's goodness and how he has shown up for you.

There were moments when the Israelite's wanted to give up and go back to slavery because they didn't understand the journey God was taking them on.

They didn't realize that God wasn't going to let them starve, instead he sent them Manna from heaven.

They didn't yet understand that they were God's promised people. They were on a journey to the land of milk and honey.

Sometimes your journey will take you through the wilderness. In those moments you have to continue to have a heart after God.

The easiest way to prove to yourself that you have committed to your relationship with God is that you don't wallow in your problems. You don't magnify your problems. But instead you allow your problems to bring you closer to God.

The Israelite's would have never arrived to the land of milk and honey if they sat around complaining. When they left Egypt they had no clue where they were going and didn't have enough food packed for the journey.

God is the best provider and it you stay committed to him. He will get you through the wilderness.

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