Chasing Your Dreams

June 21, 2017
Image Credit: Seth Doyle

Making the decision to follow your dreams is scary. But you have to believe in yourself and trust the desires God has placed on your hearts. Its easy to give up and assume your dream is unreachable or to hard to achieve without a certain amount of resources but that's not true. If your willing to give your dreams everything you have it can be life changing.

Make the Leap

I thought making the leap was the hard part boy was I wrong. Yes it is most definitely difficult to make the decision to go after something you've dreamed about. After all who wants to ruin a good dream with reality. But it'll be the best decision you ever make.

Sometimes you realize that your dream wasn't what you really desire or it's not as interesting as you thought. Believe me I have been there. As a blogger there are so many day when I think this is not what I signed up for. I started blogging because I enjoy writing about my personal experiences and lessons that I've learned.

I thought it would be as simple as deciding when to post, what to post, and how I told each story. But there are so many other components to blogging other than writing. In all honesty I spend about 15% of my time writing, 15% creating, and 70% promoting my content and implementing growth strategies.

I had no clue this would be the case when I started. Although I would love to spend all my time writing what fun would blogging be with no audience. The build it and they will come strategy only works for Beyonce.

What I have learned is take the leap is just the first of many hard things I will do on this journey to follow my dreams. Dreams don't always translate the same in reality the way you expected. But if you keep working hard, don't give up, and allow God to guide you. Eventually everything will fall into place.

When your dream chasing seek to learn and be adaptable. Don't keep doing the same thing in hopes things will change. If you see what your doing isn't working try something new. Most of all give it all you have because it would be a shame to waste a great opportunity.

Don't Give Up

Don't get me wrong there will be struggles and short comings. But how you handle those makes all the different in whether or not your dreams before apart of your future. Sometimes we give up because we didn't expect it to be hard. Or maybe we didn't recognize all the work that would go into making it a reality.

You don't know what you don't know until you don't know it. Was that confusing, well if so the moral of the story is you have to learn from your own experiences. Often times, we see successful people and assume that they had an easy road to success. In turn we think if our dreams aren't easy then maybe they are not meant to be. But that's not true at all.

If you give up every time you experience hardship you will never achieve your dreams. There is no easy button for our dreams. There isn't a perfectly mapped out plan or route that we can take.
I went to school for 18 years graduated at the top of my class year after year, secured a job, but I never moved up the career ladder. I even tried moving to a new company, got promoted, just to later be demoted without cause. My point is nothing comes easy.

You won't find any yellow brick road. When your dream chasing make decisions you can be proud of. Will you be proud of yourself if you give up every time things get difficult. Keep going even when things get tough. When you push yourself out of your comfort zone, you accomplish great things.

Surrender your Dreams to God

Sometimes we make decisions without understanding the gravity of there repercussions. No matter how passionate, skilled, or invested you are in your dreams if you don't surrender it to God and ask him to do his will and show you the way. You will find yourself drowning and that is pretty much a guarantee.

I tried taking my career into my own hands. In my head I was thinking God you can sit this one out, because I got it. Well needless to say I was wrong.  I found my career in shambles. My self esteem was gone because at that time having a successful career meant everything to me.

When I finally came crawling out of the abyss I had gotten myself into. The first thing I did was get on my knee and ask God for his guidance and mercy. Just like the faithful God he is, he was there to hear my cry's.

After all that I just realized God will never led me astray. Even though I'm passionate about blogging if God ever placed it on my heart that this is not what he has for me I will listen and bow out gracefully.

I trust his plan. My ideas, dreams, and goals are sweet, beautiful, and dear to me. But they mean nothing if God does not stamp them with his approval and lead me.

I had to realize my life is about bringing God glory. When I bring him glory that's when I experience true happiness and joy. I had to give up my way and seek his way with every part of my being and in every part of my life.

My life has not been the same ever since. Now don't get me wrong, my business has a long way to go. But there are a lot of things I'm doing currently that I didn't think I would be doing. I am hosting my first Godly Girl meetup. I now speak openly about my faith on my blog and vlog. Allowing the Holy Spirit to move me has helped me grow my audience and blessed me in ways that I could not have imagined.

I challenge you to quiet your own thoughts and ask God what you can do to glorify his Kingdom. We all have talent that can be used to serve God's Kingdom. If we silence our earthly desires and allow ourselves to be moved by the Holy Spirit.

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