How to pack orders for Etsy - Studio Vlog #1

July 09, 2021

My first studio vlog has been a long time coming. I loved editing this video and seeing my growth even in just a few months.

Since the conception of Chellbee there has always been freebies and a shop. My shop originally featured planning printables including my popular wedding planner printable. 

Later I added journals and devotionals. I have always loved stationery, I believe writing and journaling are therapeutic. 

With your support and visits to I was able to invest in my stationery business to create and offer products to help you in your spiritual journey. From bible verse cards to stickers to greeting cards to journals. 

It is such a blessing to have the opportunity to be a part of your spiritual journey. I pray whatever you order or read brings you closer to the Lord. 


How to pack orders for Etsy

As a small business owner packaging is really important it is the first impression you make on your customer. You want to give them a memorable experience in hopes that they will shop with you again.

There are a lot of different packing order options for Etsy and small business owners. There are a variety of packaging supply options eco friendly, custom with branding, or do it yourself.

Wherever choice you make just get started. When it came to packaging for my shop I did alot of researching to try to determine the different type of packaging options availiable because I was not familiar with shipping supplies.

The most popular mailer options

  1. Poly mailers - ideal for clothing
  2. Bubble mailers - ideal for beauty, jewerly, etc. 
  3. Rigid mailers - ideal for stickers, cards, etc. 
  4. Envelopes - ideal for stickers and greeting cards
  5. Shipping boxes - ideal for stationery, food, etc.

You will need to consider the method in which you are shipping your packages as well. My shop utilizes USPS First Class it is inexpensive and a great option if your products are under 16 oz. 

I personally utilize the Etsy shipping, I am able to ship right from my home which is great. Shipping from home is really easy with Etsy. 

USPS also has a ship from home option that I use for my website. In order to ship from home you will needing a postal scale they are inexpensive you can find them on Amazon for under $30. 

Shipping Method

  • Etsy Shipping - great option if you have a Etsy shop they offer discounted shipping.
  • USPS Click N Ship - great way to ship from home and skip the postal service lines.
  • Ship Station - this is a better option if you have shops on several websites their is a monthly fee.
  • Pirate shiping - offer shipping for several different shop platforms, they claim there is no monthly fee. 

    My shop is at the beginning stage. I had to invest heavily in supplies to create products. Therefore custom packaging is not a priority at this point. 

    You can still give your customers a great experience and brand your packages. By utlilizing stickers you can place your logo on your products as well as your shipping supplies. 

    When you are deciding on packaging for your Etsy orders be sure to consider how to best protect your products. It is not helpful to have cute packaging if your items arrive damaged. 

    You will also need to consider including do not bend or fragile stickers if you have items that can easily be damageds but can't be mailed in rigid mailers.

    Etsy packaging supplies

    • Sticker Paper - you can create logo stickers and even do no bend stickers if needed
    • Large bubble mailer - I use bubble mailers to protect my products, because my card holders do not fit in rigid mailers. 
    • Small bubble mailer - you may need a variety of mailer sizes depending on the products you offer. 
    • Rigid mailer - great if you are shipping flat items.
    • Tissue paper - I wrap all my products I think it is a nice presentation and makes the customer fee like they are receiving a gift.