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December 09, 2016

Relationship Goals

Image Credit: Chellbee and Melvin Pigee

On this special edition episode, I discuss how to make your goals a reality. Guess what, if you enjoyed this podcast make sure you read my blog post recapping today's episode in more detail and a free worksheet to apply everything you've learned today.


  1. Don't compare your significant other to anyone else. 
  2. People have unrealistic expectations for there relationships.
  3. Your not all in. 


  • Your partner is not going to want to do anything for you, if you try to motivate them by comparing them to others.
  • Talking through those difficult issues is how you grow as a couple and become a partnership instead of two people living together. 
  • Know your deal breakers and walk away from people who exhibit your deal breakers.
  • Love and a long lasting relationship. Ultimately comes down to chemistry which is a natural bodily reaction that can not be recreated.

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