Hey loves, I’m ChellBee!

I’m so glad you made it to my digital oasis. ChellBee is a lifestyle blog dedicated to providing motivation and tools for real women (and men), fighting to overcome the norm and walk in their purpose. We are multifaceted beings, therefore every post is centered around real issues that we face in our daily lives, from becoming better stewards, seeking our life purpose, managing a household, to life planning.

Who is ChellBee?

I am a daughter of Christ, wife, obsessive planner, dreamer, and puppy mom. I grew up in the inner city of Compton, California, with my two sisters and mother.

From a young age, I loved writing in any form, from poetry and songs, to short story telling. Writing allowed me to overcome personal struggles and channel my passion for helping others. My intentions are simple to help you Embrace.

Embrace your beautiful imperfections. 

Embrace where you currently are in your journey. Embrace where you have been. Embrace the future you have envisioned for yourself. Although, our journey is imperfect all journeys deserve to be celebrated with the ones we love. Everyday we wake up is another opportunity to Embrace who God created us to be.


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