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April 06, 2018

Overcoming Mother Nature

Image Credit: Alison Marras
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So, the time of the month has come. We feel you girl. There probably isn’t a single moment where that time is enjoyable. You’ll probably feel sluggish, sore, hungry and aggravated at every little thing. For that reason, if you want to feel better or if you want to try and give yourself a little bit of TLC then we’ve got you covered.

Craving Cures

If you want to eat just about anything then don’t worry. It has been proven that during this time, your appetite will increase and there is no doubt that you’ll be experiencing some serious sweet cravings as well. If you don’t want to reach for the tub of ice-cream and sit there with a spoon, why not chop up a banana or two, freeze it and blend it? When you do this, the banana will take on a seriously creamy taste and consistency, not to mention that it is very good for you. If you want to be a bit naughty, then shave some chocolate over the top and add a drizzle of your favorite sweet sauce. Peanut butter works a treat, and it will still be half the calories when compared to standard ice-cream!

Exercise When You Can

Yoga really is one of the best ways for you to de-stress. Simply stretch out some of those sore muscles and ease some of that period pain. If you suffer from PMS then don’t try and push yourself into doing any exercise. Yoga is ideal and it is a good way for you to get up and moving about while still taking it easy. If you want a good position for period pain then consider doing the cobra or even the camel. This will really help you to deal with those cranky PMS emotions while also empowering you and your body. If you can’t do this, try and read a book.

You Deserve a Treat!

You deserve a treat, so why not consider going out there and looking at the best organic tampons? You could even go for a hot bath. It is a known fact that cramps and heat go hand in hand, but if you want to step things up a bit then consider adding some eucalyptus oil, Epsom salts, peppermint oil and even ground ginger as well. Face masks are ideal and a great way for you to spoil yourself. PMS can cause pimples so it is a great way for you to try and fight that. If you want to make your own mask then try and mix a teaspoon of olive oil, half a teaspoon of good quality honey and one teaspoon of baking soda. This will help you to make your own DIY mask and it uses the ingredients that you have around the house as well, so you really won’t have any problems at all.

So there are plenty of ways that you can make yourself feel better when that time of the month hits, and you would be absolutely surprised at how easy it is for you to really pamper yourself using things around the home!

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