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February 24, 2018

Ultimate Packing Guide For A Day At The Beach

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You might think it’s easy to whip on a sarong, put on your sunnies and pack a towel before hot-footing it out the door to take an excursion to the beach. If this is your MO for all coastal trips, the chances are you’ll arrive to feel the warming powdery sand underfoot only to realize that you’ve forgotten something. The art of a fabulous day at the beach is all in the preparation. You don’t want to be sipping a drink, book in hand, lying back as you feel the waves lapping your toes only to discover that you haven’t packed a much-needed item.

While you don’t want to be lugging a massive suitcase full of goodness knows what down to the shore, you do need an adequate shoulder bag or backpack that can cram in all sorts of essential items ready for a day at the beach. Take a look at these must-haves before you venture to the ocean this year.


How many times have you laced up your sneakers for the drive to the beach on vacation, only to get out of your car in arrival and realize that you forgot your flip-flops? These lightweight bits of rubber and plastic are vital footwear for the sand. Venture onto the sugary powder in your sneakers, and you’ll never manage to remove every grain from the sole of your Nike Airs or Converse. They’ll be forever gritty and uncomfortable. Be sure to pack a pair of sandals or flip-flops that allow your feet to breathe as chances are you’ll be down at the beach on a hot day. Open backs are the best as this means no gritty grains can rub your heel.


Lightweight tunics are ideal for the beach. Many public beaches will not allow merely a swimsuit, so some sort of cover is essential. Tunics are ideal as they can be rolled to fit inside your beach bag, they take up very little room and weight next to nothing. Wearing a sleeveless cotton or lace tunic means you won’t feel like you’re layering up and you won’t be sweltering or uncomfortable in the heat of the midday sun. By heading to the plus size boutique - Life is Chic Boutique, you can opt for a looser fitting piece that still allows you to show off your fashion credentials.


Your body type will largely dictate the sort of swimsuit that you choose to ear to the beach. If you are super body confident with a smaller frame, you may choose to wear a bikini. It’s a good idea to take a spare just in case, so by hedging your bets, you could go for a one piece or shorts and crop top style two piece. While string bikinis look good, they aren’t hugely practical if you plan on heading for a swim. One slightly rough wave and you could find yourself in an embarrassing situation.

Sun Cream

While not the most exciting thing to have on the list of packing essentials, it is the most important. Skin cancer caused by exposure to harmful UV rays is entirely preventable. While many people crave a tan, it’s much more important to ensure you don’t get sunburn. Whip on some Factor 15 and opt for a brand that achieves at least five stars on the global rating system. This way you know you’ll be benefiting from maximum protection. Remember to reapply after you return from a swim and always stay in the shade if you plan on taking a snooze.


A cool box is a must for the ardent beachgoer. If you are planning on spending half a day or more down on the coast, you need some drinks to keep you hydrated. While a backpack to carry these in will of course suffice, it’s better to carry a cool box. This way, your bottle of mineral water or can of soda will be refreshingly cold.

Beach Towel

Your towel will end up being your go-to item no matter what you are doing on the beach. If you’re chilling out on a sun lounger, you’ll either be lying on your comfy towel or wrapped up in it. It’ll be the first thing that you reach for after you’ve had a dip in the ocean and it’ll be the item you grab to wrap around you if you have to endure a cool evening breeze. Go for an oversized and thick towel. Spending a little more and getting a towel fit for purpose is essential.


Depending on your mood, you may want to get lost in a good book, put in your earbuds and lose yourself in some quality tunes, or you might want to play some games with pals on the beach. Try and account for every eventuality. Pack your fully charged iPod, don’t forget the bestseller that you’ve had your head buried in for the last two weeks and ensure you have a tennis set, frisbee or soccer ball in your beach bag. It can be immense fun to kick back, forget about the stresses of daily life and have some fun down at the beach.


If you love nothing more than heading out to the ocean to have a swim and cool off from the balmy midday sun, why not pack a snorkel and mask? This can open up a whole new world to you. Diving down and seeing coral, shoals of fish and molluscs will take you on a voyage of discovery. Coupled with this, snorkeling and swimming are both excellent forms of exercise, this activity is a win-win.

Heading down to the beach is a life-affirming experience. If you’re lucky enough to have the coast on your doorstep, or even if you have to drive a short way, it’s vital that you utilize this environment and enjoy the relaxation, fun and chill out opportunities that the beach has to offer.

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