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January 06, 2018

3 Beauty Myths to Ignore

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This post is a contributor written post. 

The world of beauty is full of myths and misconceptions, and it’s about time some of them were broken down! It is about time some of them were broken down because, when believed and then put into practice, they can be very dangerous to a person’s self-esteem as well as their health in general.

Fake equals ugly
For too long our world has been too quick to judge people who prefer ‘fake beauty’ rather than the au natural look due to the myth that fake equals ugly. But, fake does not equal ugly, just as the natural look does not equal ugly either. If somebody is made to feel confident because of plastic surgery, they should not be chastised for it and instead should be celebrated for feeling beautiful in themselves. And as long as a person feels beautiful in his or herself, how can that be ugly? So, if you want to learn more about plastic surgery procedures, you go ahead and do it! And, when you do, don’t let any myths about what is and what is not beautiful hold you back.

You should wash your hair every day
Although washing your hair every day may make you feel clean and fresh, in reality it is just not something that you should be doing if you value the way your hair looks and feels — anything that tells you otherwise is a myth. You should not wash your hair every day because doing so produces more unnatural oils in the hair than is needed, and when there are more of these in your hair you obviously make it prone to getting oilier faster — washing your hair daily will neither stop these oils or slow down this process. The best cause of action to take, then, is to refrain from every day washing and instead take to washing your hair twice or three times a week as doing so will allow your hair’s natural oils to get to work in strengthening and de-oiling it more often. To find some more shampoo myths debunked, make sure to head here.

Smiling eventually results in crow’s-feet
How sad is it that the myth that smiling causes crow’s-feet actually stops certain people *cough* Victoria Beckham *cough* from smiling? Simply, this is a myth! What’s more, this is a myth that should be avoided at all costs, as smiles should not be forgone in fear of wrinkling and creasing around the eyes! If anything, this creasing occurs when repeated squinting occurs or this area of the face is exposed to the sun for extensive amounts of time.

If you really want to avoid crow’s-feet then try applying creams that are packed full of retinol and peptide goodness to the area of skin around your eyes, like the Roc Retinol Correxion Eye Cream which is priced at $25.

Just make sure you don’t stop smiling!

So, there you have it, three beauty myths that have been well and truly broken down. Try to remember them in the future, and also try to remember that nobody has a right to control what you think is beautiful other than yourself. So, if you want to use a specific type of makeup or do your hair in a certain way, you do it!

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