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December 26, 2017

Keeping Your People Happy

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This post is a Contributor written post. 

Regardless of who what kind of person you may be, you probably thought about where you might be somewhere down the line. Maybe in a few months, few years or even a decade, but the point is that everyone hopes to progress in one way or another during their lifetime. The career aspect is often thought about, mostly because everyone likes dreaming big and earning more money later on in life. 

Rather than being stuck in the same dead-end job with no chances of progression, or the same terrible working hours that you have been hating for the past few years, you would at least like to think that you’ll be in a better position sometime. Maybe you’ll be the one doing the rota soon, and telling ordering people around, rather than the opposite? Maybe your career will lead you to being on the other side of the payslip, and if so, wouldn't you want to be prepared for it? If you find yourself in a situation where you think your logical step in your career would be to open up, or take over a business, then keep reading because we are going to go through some great ways for maintaining a happy workforce which you might be managing for yourself sometime soon.

Responsibilities as an employer

Other than just keeping your employees in line, you have a duty to support them and provide them with the appropriate working conditions. While you may not be contractually obligated to keep every single one of them happy, you should hope to at least be mentally obligated to do so. As you probably already know from experience, people can spend a ridiculous amount of time at work sometimes, bordering unhealthy time periods spent at the office rather than the with family or relaxing. While that in itself might be rather hard to prevent entirely because we are so deep down the rabbit hole as a civilisation that trying to undo some of the ways in which the world runs is nearing near-impossibility for the average person, despite that, there is room for improvement. 

To change that, someone from the very top of the food chain would have to step in and put his foot down. What you can do, is make their time at the workplace as pleasant as reasonably possible. Of course, no one is asking you to go and order a personal masseur for every single person, but there are much more basic changes and ideas which you could introduce to the workplace in order to make the time spent there feel fair. Nobody likes going in to work for eight or more hours of the day only to be met with a terrible atmosphere and, to put lightly, suboptimal working conditions.

Creating a relaxed yet productive work environment

If you want to find and identify the biggest killer of productivity, look no further than within. That’s right, it is no external cause, it’s mostly purely due to laziness and procrastination. Now, where does procrastination come from? Well, usually it is either the idea that you do not want to be doing something, be it because a person is tired or just badly motivated, it is a fairly serious issue which causes productivity and efficiency to plummet within businesses across the globe. While one could argue that it is just human nature, you cannot deny that there are ways to encourage a healthy work ethic. 

One of the best ways about doing that, is to give your employees tangible and actually fulfilling rewards for getting things done within a certain timeframe. For example, let’s say that each employee has X amount of things to do per day, but can only leave work at 5 PM regardless, despite having finished earlier. We’ve all been there, and it is a rather useless practice for the most part, but still incredibly common. Why not reward your employee’s efficiency by letting them leave work early if they are done with the work sooner? The reward of being able to have more free time and avoiding rush hour on the commute home should be more than enough to get some people back on track.

Investing in the well-being of your staff

As well as creating a pleasant atmosphere around the workplace, and supplying your staff with the required tools, you should go the extra mile and actually make an attempt improving their daily wellbeing. Now whether you leave this up to EAP services, yourself, or a bit of both, you should keep in mind that this is first and foremost the right thing to do, not just a smart business decision. As previously mentioned, a happy workforce is a much more efficient workforce, and not to mention, more productive. It will take no time whatsoever for you to notice the productivity soaring across every department. 

Getting someone to cover bases for your staff such as: in-person counselling, finance management, health assessments, mental health assessments and even legal advice, is sure to result in a more stable and reliable workforce. Life is hard enough both within work and outside of it, so feeling a bit under the weather is no rare occurrence. Stress buildup often leading to necessary time off, can leave you in a rather unfavourable situation as a business owner. 

Not only are you missing a staff member, if the person who is off sick was working in a team, the rest of the team is likely to be rather demotivated as well. The last thing anyone needs is a morale drop. Allowing your employees to carry out regular checkups will not only often minimise the amount of various illnesses with the help of some preventive measures, but also make them feel special and like a genuinely important part of the company. The longer you get good workers to stick around, the bigger the chances are of having an industry veteran on your side who you are already on good terms with, as well as loyal to you.

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