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December 21, 2017

Finding Hope in Little Miracles

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No matter our beliefs or religions, the majority of us have one thing in common. In some form or another, we pray for miracles. And, with the world seemingly going crazy around us, the need for one has increased this past year. Though it shouldn’t be so, the idea of peace and love can seem like a miracle right now. As can accepting and helping each other.

While these aren’t, or shouldn’t be, massive asks, they’re increasingly hard to come by in the current times. Which is why many of us can feel as though our prayers aren’t heard. While some of us take that as a reason to pray harder, others lose heart and give up the habit.

In truth, though, while the miracles we experience aren’t always what we ask for, miracles happen every day. So, if you’re losing the faith, take a look at the following three points. They're all things  you may have failed to acknowledge.


Though science and faith don’t always see eye to eye, the scientific field is a fantastic place to look for miracles. Every year, the field develops inventions which stand to change the way we live. And, over time, such inventions can help with the questions mentioned above. For example, did you know that researchers at MIT and University of California developed a machine this year which can pull water out of humid air? This stands to change the lives of individuals who struggle to find clean water. And, developments like the ones outlined in this article stand to help us tackle illnesses like cancer. While you might not consider such things in your prayers, working through issues like these is sure to reduce suffering in the world. If that isn’t a miracle, what is?

Little Things

Of course, not all miracles have the ability to change lives quite like this, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Sometimes, the small things we take for granted are the best miracles of all. Considering each day your child, or niece, or nephew, is alive would be a fantastic example of this. Equally, each time you wake up with a roof over you, you’re experiencing a tiny miracle. Think of all the things which had to happen to bring you where you are, doing what you’re doing. Call it fate if you want to, but most of us have an exact set of circumstances to thank for our livelihoods. You could argue, then, that miracles definitely play a part.

The World

And, of course, if you’re struggling, you need only step outside your house. The natural world is one of the greatest miracles of all, and it’s always there for us to see. The behavior of animals can often feel miraculous, as can the way plants change through the year. Without question or doubt, the natural world functions and flourishes. Spending time outside is an ideal way to remind yourself that the universe performs miracles every single day.

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