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November 22, 2017

Don't let labels stop you

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This post is a contributor written post.

People love labels. No matter what generation you are talking about, there is a label for it. Baby boomer, traditionalist, centennial or millennial – you give your date of birth and someone will plonk a label on it for you. These generation gaps are not anything new, and generations have been complaining about the younger group of people after them for – well, generations!

It isn’t a shock that the people in their 40-60s don’t understand those in their 20s, it’s been that way forever. However, there is an assumption now that those who are in the current millennial generation are spoiled, entitled or pampered. The term ‘snowflake’ has been bandied about on social media, and every millennial out there will tell you that, actually, millennials are the total opposite of the assumption. 

A millennial is someone born between 1980 and the late 1990’s and it’s us that have been given a pretty raw deal. Market crashes, economic downturn, post 9/11 surveillance and failing healthcare has been the legacy handed to millennials. However, as someone young and in their prime, you can make a point of not accepting the label put upon you as someone who now ‘has it tough’ due to the generation before you.

If you walk around lamenting the fact that the baby boomers ruined the chance for a personalized build with McCollough Homes, ruined the chance to be middle class and the chance to buy a home will never be the case for you, then you’re only feeding the label put on your head. Buying a home is, yes, harder now than it was thirty years ago, but it doesn’t mean it is impossible. As a millennial, you may be graduating from school with a significant amount of student debt due to rising costs and changes with the education system, but does that mean you have to be a victim of it?

Absolutely not. You, as a human being, make your own luck. Being born into wealth would be nice for everyone, but it’s not always the case. Don’t be the millennial that’s called a snowflake, or a whiner. Be someone who stands up and chases after what they want. The job market may be tough to break, but that doesn’t mean impossible. Nor does it mean you have to pander to the idea that you cannot stand on your own two feet.

You have grown up on the cusp of technology and the digital age. As a child, our exploits and fun may not have been plastered all over social media for the world to judge, but you get to use social media to your advantage now when you start your own business from home. Being born in 1960 may have given you a chance to buy a home cheaply and even build your own one, but the opportunity to go to college or choose to be more than your family status was a lot harder. Now? The world is an oyster and you can have an equal shot at the biggest trophy, regardless of your background. Don’t let a label stop you from reaching out to grab what you want.

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